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DigiClass solution leverages Pearson's global resources, expertise, content and reach to provide international standards at affordable prices to the entire K-12 segment. Benefits of DigiClass include:

  • DigitALly™ empowers teachers to frame their lecture plans easily with various learning objects (animations, videos, images, etc.) in a well-integrated MS PowerPoint environment, which:
    • Gives a sense of ownership to teachers as they create their own lecture plans.
    • Helps illustrate concepts and reinforce skills, facts and ideas effectively; thus creating an enhanced classroom experience.
  • The openness of the framework allows each college to create its own unique digital content from both internal and external resources - its intellectual property.
  • "Teacher In Class" mode of DigitALly™ allows the teacher to access the pre-loaded digital content from the server and use it to enhance the teaching through the use of multiple productivity tools provided with the solution.
  • The "Prepare For Class" mode of DigitALly™ incorporates a powerful search feature that teachers use to find different learning objects in the repository, modify/enhance them, and store them as new learning objects.
  • The DigitALly™ application is constantly updated with new content. The easy-to-use features of the application are constantly upgraded, in response to teachers' feedback and their changing needs.